I need a princess Bride crossover where Bea and Ben are miracle max and his wife

Tee hee. You mean like…

Ben/Max:  Why’d you say that word? You promised me that you would never say that word! 

Bea/Valerie:  What… Hypothetically? 

Ben/Max:  Aaagh! 

Bea/Valerie: Hypothetically! Hypothetically! Hypothetically! Hypothetically! Hypothetically! Hypothetically! Hypothetically!

Ben/Max:  I’m not listening!

Claudio and Meg: Thoughts


  • has been upset before due to jealousy issues with Hero (albeit unfounded)
  • thinks Hero cheated on him with Robbie (although she didn’t) 
  • got very angry and upset about this
  • assumed it was true without communicating with Hero
  • got verbally (and a bit physically) abusive about this, in front of a whole bunch of people
  • is being bad-mouthed up and down the tag for this; Hero is getting tons of sympathy
  • has a friend (Pedro) who defended him after he yelled at Hero


  • has been upset before due to jealousy issues with Robbie (admittedly, well-founded)
  • thinks Robbie cheated on her with Hero (although he didn’t) 
  • got very angry and upset about this
  • assumed it was true without communicating with Robbie
  • got physically abusive about this, in front of a whole bunch of people
  • is getting sympathy up and down the tag for this; Robbie is getting bad-mouthed
  • has a friend (Beatrice, from the sounds of things) who commented approvingly after she yelled at Robbie and threw her drink in his face (at a previous party)

Now, having said all this, I know perfectly well that:

  • Hero and Robbie are not the same people; hearing a rumour that Robbie cheated is believable, whereas a rumour that Hero cheated is pretty ridiculous. It is much more reasonable for Meg to jump to the conclusion that what she heard about Robbie must be true than for Claudio to do so about Hero. (Although it’s also worth pointing out that Claudio believes he has witnessed the cheating with his own eyes, whereas Meg’s just hearing about it second-hand.)
  • Robbie certainly deserves to be villainized, because although he didn’t cheat on Meg, he certainly used her, and did so in order to mess up Hero’s life. We as the audience know this even if most of the characters don’t.

However, since the two people who were supposedly cheated on don’t know the cheating was faked, their perspectives are extremely similar to each other. Yet, the judgments being made about them (and their respective “cheaters”) by the audience are very different.

I think this is an interesting contrast that’s worth pointing out. Why are we so angry at Claudio but sympathetic towards Meg?

Thoughts on the aftermath of Hero’s birthday: What’s next?

In the play, once the wedding has been completely destroyed by Claudio and Pedro, everybody leaves except for Hero’s family, Benedick, and the friar. It is at this point that Hero protests her innocence and the plan for faking her death is hatched.

So…what’s the modern version of this after the video cuts out? Hero, Bea and Ben have headed for the living room, with Ursula right behind them. Is the birthday party going to break up, leaving them and Leo alone in the house? Is the series going to go full out and fake Hero’s death? (More trigger warnings coming up if that’s the case, presumably.)

The thing I’ve been wondering about is Hero’s “under control” lung condition that she referred to in an earlier video. Is that going to come into play? Are they going to pretend that this incident has aggravated her condition and she’s in hospital? Or worse yet, that she’s died from it?

The problem with going full out and faking Hero’s death is that to make that even marginally believable for Claudio and Pedro, Hero and Leo’s parents would have to come back home. And that in itself would scupper the whole plan, because once Real Adults arrive on the scene, they’re not going to go along with faking their kid’s death; rather, they’re going to demand answers and put a quick end to the drama. (Which would derail the plot.)

So I suspect we’re actually looking at just Hero in the hospital? Or Hero transferring to another school? (Admittedly, that last one doesn’t seem likely. In the play, Claudio is consumed with guilt once he finds out that he caused Hero’s death for no reason; if all that happened to her was that she got packed off to boarding school, it’s not exactly the same gut-wrenching catalyst for his character growth.)

The thing is, of course, that since there are a whole bunch of people watching these videos, we’re not going to see the plan being hatched; it’s just going to be presented online as truth.

Should be interesting!

Happy dance!

"Mrs. Elton, from the particulars detailed by her husband, thought it all extremely shabby, and very inferior to her own.—‘Very little white satin, very few lace veils; a most pitiful business!—Selina would stare when she heard of it.’" —Jane Austen, Emma

Post-Knighthouse Elton sour grapes snark! I was hoping they’d do this! 

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