Warner Bros’ New Franchise Play: ‘Dragonriders of Pern’ Book Series


Guys, it’s possible that my thirteen year old self is SCREAMING with excitement right now. >.>


I know the series has gone through so many “hey, let’s look seriously at putting this on screen” iterations before but MAN, this is the most serious-sounding one yet.

(Is it too late to get Patrick Stewart to play Robinton?)

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missglinda asked:

Okay, I'm majorly confused. Boxx Hill obviously wasn't the very last episode of Emma Approved, but everybody's saying there's only a few episodes left, which doesn't seem right because there's still a lot of stuff that needs to happen. What's the deal?

Bernie Su did an AMA on Reddit a little bit ago, in which he said the book part of the plot would end in 10 episodes. Since episode 62 had just happened, that left us with 10 to go. That’s why I did a post to figure out how they were going to squeeze the rest of the book plot into just 10 more episodes, and it actually can fit, as long as they do certain elements behind the scenes (e.g. Frank and Jane resolution) and then explain it on-camera later (i.e. the EA version of Frank’s letter). Does that clear things up a bit?

neither-saint-nor-sinner asked:

Hey, just a heads up re: 'Frank’s a POC too' that anti-black prejudice is absolutely a thing among other communities besides white people, and it's detrimental to all POC to assume that their experiences with racism can *always* be lumped together in solidarity. Not that I think that's what's going on in EA- I just feel like it's simplistic to make a sweeping statement like that; it ignores the nuances of racism and colorism. :)

Very, very true. That was an overly simplistic statement I made. My apologies.

I do know this, and actually experimented with explaining exactly that as the situation in one of my original drafts (when I was still going with the problem being Jane’s race rather than the nature of her work).

The difficulty was that I was trying to adapt that part in the book where George Knightley goes into a rant about how lucky Frank Churchill is:

"He meets with a young woman at a watering-place, gains her affection…His aunt is in the way.—His aunt dies."

So the way I wanted to adapt it for the scene in my fiction was 

He meets an amazing woman, falls in love with her…and she falls in love with him right back. [description of obstacle preventing them from going public] [description of how the obstacle was removed]

So the description of the obstacle and the explanation of how it was removed had to be explained in just a few words each, in order for Alex’s dialogue to remain believable. But, those few words also had to carry a huge amount of explanation, because even though the person Alex is talking to in the scene already knows what happened, the reader doesn’t.

And when, as you say, the cause of the secrecy is a complex issue, such as nuances of racism and colorism, I found it SUPER hard to do in just a few words. Which is not to say that someone else couldn’t have pulled it off, but I was going around in circles with it, just miring myself deeper and deeper into some really lousy verbal diarrhea. It really wasn’t working. So I took the easy route - I substituted a different obstacle, one that I could explain easily and quickly.

I think, however, with the additional episodes and time for plot explanation that PD has to play with, they could definitely go with the race route for the Jane/Frank obstacle if they wanted, and it would bring a very interesting depth to things, I think.

chilipsmysignature asked:

WOW! Just devoured all of Knighthouse and floored by how descriptive and wonderful your writing is. I only wish the EA series itself could have also been in your capable hands all this time. Really excited to see how they interpret the big scene, and I have all the confidence in the world it'll be glorious, but even if it isn't, I'll choose to believe yours was canon. The investor being the wrench in Frank/Jane's relationship—clever touch.

Those are biiig compliments, thank you very much! :)

In the real EA, of course, I don’t know what the wrench in Frank/Jane’s relationship will be, but it seems clear that it’ll probably be some kind of business-related thing. In the book, Frank’s aunt - who was of course the reason he and Jane couldn’t go public - was the driving force behind his staying away from visiting the Westons for so long, as well as pulling him out of Hartfield when he wanted to stay; and in EA, those influences on Frank’s life were adapted into business/investor stuff…so I figured we’re maybe looking at an investor as the reason for the relationship secrecy, too.

I did toy with the idea of making the problem issue be that Jane is black, but Frank’s a POC too, so of course that reason didn’t make any sense (and is vile to think about, anyway). Her activism, though…that seemed more logical as a sticking point for an investor, since she does stuff like improving wages and working conditions for third world sweatshop workers, which of course cuts into an investor’s profits. (Frank also does activism-ish stuff, but his focus seems to be the environment, which would actually be attractive to an investor, I think, what with emerging technologies and governments being willing to spend money in that area these days, and whatnot.)

Plus, a major investor dying would certainly pull Frank away from Hartfield when what he would much prefer to do would be to stay and clear things up with Jane. Also, it would keep him busy for at least a few days until he could have meetings with the executors and heirs and lawyers, and finally determine that the people who were to inherit the investor’s holdings were more socially conscious than the deceased…meaning, of course, that he could openly reveal his romance with Jane.

TBH, I even toyed very very briefly with the investor being Catherine DeBurgh. :) (I mean, come on, she’s exactly the sort of crusty personality who would insist that Frank fly out to Berlin personally to try to woo her back into an investment; and also who would pull out her money in a heartbeat if Jane was in the picture!) But I figured a) Catherine doesn’t live in Berlin, and b) why give William and Gigi unnecessary angst…so I decided not to go there. It may be, however, that this is PD’s actual plan - who knows!

TL;DR: It took a while to figure out what the wrench could be, and I’m glad you liked it!

[New (final) episode] The Knighthouse Arc, "Friends" - EA Fanfiction [AO3]

This is the conclusion of the fanfiction I’ve been posting for the past two weeks, which I wrote because I can’t resist predicting the scripts of episodes where OTPs get together. As the third and final episode, it depicts the Big Romantic Moment we’ve all been waiting for. (And if you’ve been watching the show but don’t know what that moment is, I don’t know what to tell ya. :)

I’m hoping that this dénouement gives the fandom some kind of joy after yesterday’s sad episode on the actual series.

I always get a zing of excitement when I get feedback, so if you’re so inclined, please let me know what you think of it?

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