Let’s speculate: Possible episode titles for Thursday?

So all the episodes lately have been song titles. If this trend holds, and given what seems to be coming up, we may be looking at a bird-themed song for inspiration.

It’s super-unlikely that this will be it, but how perfect would it be if they used “Young Birds Fly” by The Cryan’ Shames:

Mary’s not the Mary of yesterday
She’s gone with changing her hair
She laughs and she cries
And her mind seems to be
A worried and jumbled affair
Well, I have talked to Mary, I’ve searched her eyes
And if you ask of Mary she’ll tell you why.
It’s Mary’s time to run,
With the mad, with the sane,
With the joy and the pain,
Till she finds her place in the sun.
Young birds fly in early spring
Learn new songs to sing
And each song they know can help them to grow.
Mary questions everything she’s ever known before
And warn her as we may she just won’t listen any more
So let her find her way and soon will come the proudest day
When everything’s been sorted
Through the streets will be reported
All the people congregate to feel the love within her heart
And to listen to the music in her mind.

obsessionsaremylife asked:

I don't think I have ever head anything more awesome then "I win you lose, neener, neener" - thank you!!!! I'm sad EA is coming to an end but I'm also sad I won't read your epic translation of the episodes as well!!!

Hee hee! Yes, that seemed like a really good moment for Alex to do some childish gloating in the subtext. :)

I’m sad, too! I’ll be watching Frankenstein MD, but I haven’t read the original source material, so I won’t have as much of an “inside edge” as with the Austen adaptations. I suspect I won’t be as able to come up with very much funny stuff as a result of that. But I’m sure something will inspire me to tumble again at some point. Heck, I’ve just started watching the Nothing Much To Do series, which I think is brilliant. And hopefully PD will do another Austen adaptation in the future!

Emma Approved, episode 71: Glossary of words and phrases

Hi! (when said by Emma)
= How much did you hear?

Hi! (when said by Alex)
= I can’t stop smiling!

What are you doing?
= I just happened to be out in the hall, and, astonishingly, heard something suspicious.

Emma! We promised each other open communication.
= Oh gawd, do NOT do this to me again!!!

I just wanna make sure that she’s okay with it.
= I am terrified of her reaction.

Something tells me that you don’t need to worry about that too much.
= I have super-exciting information about the Marriet situation!

= If anyone interrupts what I’m about to say about Marriet, the fandom will kill him.

Aren’t you two ADORABLE?!
= Please don’t kill me folks, I’m just hitting a cue here.

Frank! How are you?
= Get your hand the hell off my shoulder.

Not as well as you are, Alex Knightley.
= The entire fandom wishes they were that hand right now. And the other one, too.

Oh, the life of the rich and idle.
= I hate you.

I felt like I owed you the whole story.
= You’re not the only one who’s been on a character growth journey, Emma Woodhouse.

That’s…very mature of you.
= Excuse me a moment, I have to pick my jaw up from the floor.

Maybe a little…too interesting
= I hate you.


I’m well aware of the image that you have of me.
= Your festering hatred of me is not as subtle as you think.

Can you blame me?
= You’re a jerk, man.

This lovely lady
= I find that apologies go more in my favour when I use blatant flattery.

Did you?
= A likely story!

It was obvious who her heart belonged to.
= It’s not just ladies who respond to blatant flattery.

Did he?
= Oh, we are going to discuss this later in private, Mr. Knightley.

I also suspect that you wouldn’t’ve made a move if it weren’t for me!
= I find that apologies go more in my favour when I manufacture reasons to be grateful for my screwups.

= I hope your thigh has a bruise tomorrow.

Not…in this case.
= I bet your thigh bruise will be worse than mine.

I don’t have to sit here and let you two gang up on me
= I need to go before I lose my s**t and challenge Frank to a pistol duel at dawn.

See you later?
= We’re gonna make love tonight, right?

Frank! Always a pleasure.
= I win, you lose, neener neener!

She finally replied to one of my messages!

She’s thinking about things.
= Check it out, fandom! You get all the knowledge of an eventual reconciliation between me and Jane, without any of the unbelievability of having her forgive me after just two weeks!

= I came out to make a nice apology and honestly I’m feeling so attacked right now.

Well, they had bought several wells in the country preventing the less privileged people from getting access to clean water.
= I’m going to hell.

Now you sound exactly like Jane.
= Okay, yes, I’m scum, do we have to rub it in?

Someone like me
= I’m so awesome.

Jane Fairfax

= Please ignore the fact that I’m making the international sign for “boobies” as I utter this adjective.

But this may be a long process.
= I’m in this for keeps.

I’ll wait for a bit and let Jane get settled starting her own foundation!
= I’m so proud of her I could burst.

I’m gonna make it clear that I’m serious about us.
= I want to put a ring on it.

So. Coffee?
= Truce?

Iced. Black.
= Truce.

I think we can manage that.
= Maybe you’re not so bad after all. Now get the hell out of Emma’s office.

Thanks…I’m good.
= I need nothing from you, you backstabbing wench!

Wow, that’s very…perceptive.
= Damn. The student has become the master.

Are you mad at me, because I completely understand if you are!
= I would feel a lot less guilty if you yelled at me a bit.

I’m not mad.
= I’m the nicest person on the face of the earth.

There will be no PDA in the office, we will keep it entirely professional!
= …until you leave for the day; then all bets are off. (I wonder how sturdy these desks are?)

Do you think you were always wrong about mine?
= I’ve never stopped having feelings for Martin.

I may take you up on that advice.
= I need to come up with a strategy to win Martin back!

I’ll…try my best.
= I have a snowball’s chance in hell of stopping a force of nature such as yourself.

I’ve started to appreciate everything around me.
= Hm, I wonder if I have any clothes with birds on them…


Anonymous asked:

So I'm still trying to understand why Alex even brought flowers if he thought that Emma was still in love with Frank...


To quote this guy: 

"A man who doesn’t fight for what he wants deserves what he gets." 

I’m not a fan of boys fighting over girls in stories, but think about it from Alex’s point of view. 

He and Emma have been friends for who knows how long (HOW LONG? I wanted backstory and world building!). They’re business partners. They’re literally family through marriage. Alex thought Frank was ridiculous even before any hint of feelings surfaced. Alex came back because he thought Emma was broken hearted over Frank/Jane. I don’t think he came back to swoop in and pick up the pieces of Emma’s heart. I think he came back to be her friend, and he hoped that maybe - just maybe - there might be a return of feelings. It’s one of those things - he hopes he’s wrong about Emma’s feelings for Frank, but is bracing for them to be true. Alex said he thought a lot about Emma while he was gone. He considered what a confession of feeling might do to their business. He weighed all the possibilities including the fact that Emma might be in love with Frank and he came to the conclusion that he needed to try.

Alex and Emma aren’t Lizzie and Darcy. When Darcy shows up in Episode 98 he really has NO IDEA what to expect. He and Lizzie have spent their entire acquaintance misunderstanding each other. One of my favorite things about LBD’s Darcy is that he made his romantic feelings very clear to Lizzie; friendship was never going to be enough for him. I think his forthrightness is very much in character with his sense of honor.

Alex is in a different situation. He and Emma have mountains of history. It can complicate, but it can also simplify too. He isn’t dumb. We’ve watched these two have ‘moments’ for months. Clearly Emma wasn’t self-aware about what those moments meant to her, but I doubt Alex was unaware of what they meant to him. Their rapport, their history, and their partnership hovered on that line between friendship and more. Probably Alex was happy to leave it in that space until circumstances made it appear like he was about to lose it. He was going to lose what he probably had taken for granted. Being away only confirmed what he’d known for a while. He’s miserable without Emma Woodhouse, and if he doesn’t at least declare himself he deserves what he gets. He’ll lose her to Frank or some other guy. 

There’s that great quote from When Harry Met Sally, "When you realize you want to spend your life with someone you want that life to start right now." That’s why Alex brought flowers. That’s why he decided to risk declaring himself.

I imagine that if he’d found Emma truly heart broken over Frank he wouldn’t have done so. He would have been her friend and taken his flowers home. He’d had stolen Frank’s hair gel and beat him up (not really). He’d have been the partner Emma needed. And maybe with time he’d have worked up the courage to say something and ask Emma if there was any reason he had to hope.

There’s that short story - Gift of the Magi I think it’s called - where the married couple gets each other gifts for Christmas. Except she sells her beautiful hair to buy him a chain for his watch and he sells his watch to buy her a comb for her hair. They sell the thing most precious to them to give to the other person something beautiful. It’s a lovely story that’s over taught and over scrutinized, but the moral remains the same. Love is loving someone else as you would want to be loved yourself. 

Alex came back for Emma, but not to win Emma. He came back when he thought Emma might be hurting. Emma walked into Alex’s office to hear what he had to say as his friend even though it would hurt her heart. She was going to stand by him because his happiness meant more to her than her own.  

Austen is great at the moral education of her characters. We shy away from morality tales in our modern stories, but virtue (however you want to define it) was sexy to Austen. In her stories it’s the moral education of her heroes and heroines that matter. There’s a reason three of her novels are titled based on virtues: Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility, Persuasion. Her characters find happiness when they overcome the moral obstacle they struggle with.

In Emma, I think for Knightley it’s his pride. In the novel he admires Emma for how well she’s handled all his admonishments. He realizes that she’s borne his scrutiny with more grace than he deserves. Emma, of course, learns perception. She learns that her own isn’t always to be trusted, and that she needs to really listen to the people in her life and hear what they want rather than dictate it. So in EA when Emma sits down to hear Alex she’s acting in a new way. She’s trying to be what Alex needs rather than deciding what Alex needs. It’s fairly subtle (well, not that subtle) but it’s there. When Alex says he’s grumpy and stuck in his ways the implied statement is that despite all his faults Emma is still there. She puts up with him despite his pride and his stubbornness and he knows that because of that they have a chance. He wants to spend his life making her happy. He can assure Emma’s doubts because he knows their biggest obstacle - him and his pride - is surmountable because Emma has been doing it for years. Alex’s confession is a change for him. It’s a risk from someone who does not take risks. When he bought those flowers his moral education (so-to-speak) was complete. But they couldn’t be together until Emma walked into his office and sat down to listen. In an Austen story both the hero and heroine have to find their way if there is going to be smushing faces at the end. EA did a decent job of honoring that in this past episode, and thus we are all rewarded with the smushing of faces, which is the goal in life if you didn’t realize. 

(Not really. The goal in life is the number 6.) 

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